Cashless Mobile Billing

Lets you accept 1-step mobile payments from your customers. Just create a free account on your phone, PC or POS and increase your revenue today!

Our Products

Cashless Biller

iOS, Android and Web app to send instant bills or refunds to your customers. They'll just enter their PIN to pay. You see the realtime status.

Cashless Dashboard

The free management side of cashless, where you see your bill payments, withdraw your payments, manage stores/cashiers and see your analytics.

Cashless API

Integrate our instant payments system to your App/Web service easily. Bill your users in the least intrusive way; without dialling Tigo/Mpesa

Cashless User App

Optional iOS and Android app for users to pay by QR code scanning, track their previous payments and purchase value added services

Which businesses can benefit from using Cashless?

Cashless supports all registered physical and online businesses. Here are some examples.

For your shop or multi-checkout supermarket​

Fast-paced bars
and restaurants​

In-app & Web payments API for your online/Insta shop​

Instant ticket payment for your transport business

For your hotels & instant payment for addon services

Pay for TV or any other subscription service​

See Cashless in action

Smart Cases







Some digital merchants using Cashless:

Leverage Trader

Buying and selling Stocks & Bonds has never been easier, thanks to integration between LST and Cashless. Instant payouts on sell orders via API


MyBima is a digital insurance service where customers purchase car insurance online. Thanks to Cashless, they can pay with Mobile Money in just 1 step.

Juno Affiliate

Juno uses Cashless to pay commission to their affiliates who successfully convert sales on their campaigns through the API


Has integrated Cashless payments to their POS system for Tanzanian users, making it an end-to-end retail solution, by accepting MobileMoney payments

E A Capital

One of the leading brokerage & consulting firms in Tanzania, uses Cashless to enable their customers to pay and be paid with Mobile Money

Your Brand

Can also benefit with Cashless' intuitive payment system, from 1-step Mobile Money payments to paying directly into customer's wallets using the API.

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